Welcome to The Lucky Lab!

About eight  years ago our lives were drastically changed by the arrival of our new Labrador retriever. We named him Hunter and from then on life would never be the same. Not only were we older this time, but previously, when we had gotten our other retriever puppies, our children were young and they and their friends spent hours playing with them. Now that the kids had become adults, it was up to my husband and I to take care of this bodacious baby.

Of course my first thoughts were to make sure he had the best diet possible. With the early death of Biscuit, our first lab puppy, from an auto-immune disorder and the epilepsy that our next lab Dusty had, I began to wonder if it had something to do with the food they were eating.

When Hunter arrived into our lives, I was smitten. However I realized that this time I was older and wiser and began to think about his diet. Why would I feed him a diet filled with pesticides and fillers? I don’t eat that type of food so why would I give that to him. We have always given our pets lots of treats so not only did I put him on a wholesome diet but I began to bake his treats myself. My original goal was to make healthy treats only for him but as I began to bake it occurred to me that I could improve the lives of other dogs as well. Thus “the Lucky Lab” was born, appropriately named for Hunter who stands at the oven and begs every time I bake a batch of treats. While he takes his tasting job very seriously it’s the benefits of feeding him and all the other dogs I bake for that I love the most.

So I hope you and your best friend enjoy my doggie delights.
Handmade with love from the finest and freshest ingredients.


Jennifer & Hunter Brouhard

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