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Your Dog’s Gas is not on the Guest List

If you have ever had to deal with doggie gas, you will appreciate this story. Last Thanksgiving, I had 17 people over for dinner. Hunter always engorges himself like it is his last day on earth and Thanksgiving was no different for him. He gobbled down his dinner as usual and soon developed a bad case of doggie flatulence. It became so overpowering that during a scrumptious turkey dinner, supplemented with mashed potatoes and gravy, he cleared the entire room! People started plugging their noses and saying, “whew, oh wow.” Some people even said things I can’t repeat. All the while, Hunter had this look on his face like he was trying to say, “is there some kind of problem?!”
After that evening, believe it or not, I began to research canine gas prevention and it seems that dogs get gas when they eat to fast. Upon further investigation, I found out that if you put a small ball in the middle of their bowl, it slows down their eating and helps eliminate gas. It doesn’t have to be a ball; you could also use a small container in a bowl as long as it slows them down. We have been trying this with Hunter and it seems to be helping. I hope this trick works for you to.