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Hunter’s Summer Vacation

Its hard to believe that the school year is almost over and summer is here again. That means it is time for our annual camping trip. Hunter has gone on this trip every year since he was pup. Last year was no exception, his near obsession with water almost always gets him into some kind of trouble. If there is a lake stream or even a mud puddle he finds his way in it.

The trouble began last year with the stream that runs through the center of the campsite. Hunter is crazed over it and spends most of the trip trying to fiqure out how to get in it. By August the stream is running pretty low except for one spot (I think you know where I am going with this) the spot with the waterfall.

So my husband takes Hunter potty first thing in the morning, he lets him off the leash and turns his back on him for one second . Immediately Hunter makes a beeline for the part of the stream where the current is running strong and there is a four foot waterfall. All the while my husband is running behind Hunter yelling “Hunter NOOOO!” Hunter then proceeds to dive into the stream gets caught in the current and goes over the waterfall, then floats down the stream. My poor husband was an absoulute wreck till he got to Hunter who had washed up on the bank below without a single scatch, completely unfazed by the whole thing.