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Welcome To The Lucky Lab


The Lucky Lab Dog Bakery is filled with only natural ingredients – the same pure nutrition that we put on our own table. Watching more and more pooches get strange illnesses, we knew there had to be a better way to nourish our pet dog. Shouldn’t there be a dog treat that’s as wholesome as the premium food we give them? So we created a line of completely natural, organic, tasty and affordable dog treats.

The Lucky Lab dog homemade treats have yummy, good things like carrots, pumpkin, potato, wheat germ and peanut butter. We use organic chicken broth and beef broth from Trader Joe’s with no onion powders (since onions can be fatal to dogs). There’s even a wheat free version for sensitive pups. Our natural dog treats have only human grade, hand made goodness.
And our own pet dog, Hunter, gives his paw of approval to every treat.

Get your pooch’s favorite Lucky Lab treat online here, or in
select pet stores. They come in two sizes depending on the size
of your pooch and his appetite.